An Empathy Workshop for Non-Designers

Empathy workshops for non-designers

Empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of another, is an indispensable tool for user experience designers. We design better solutions when we understand the human environment of the user while they are using our product: are they relaxed, under stress, working with physical or cognitive impairments?

We’re not only better problem solvers when we’re empathetic, but, since empathy strengthens our active listening skills, using it makes us better researchers and collaborators.

Of course, empathy isn’t just a skill for designers: being able to quickly empathize with someone lets us start every conversation, whether problem-solving or negotiation, from a place of understanding, rather than judgement.

Empathy workshops help you understand users

Empathy workshops are facilitated group activities and discussions dedicated to helping us learn about people whose life experiences are sufficiently different from ours, because understanding their specific needs and abilities is crucial to designing for or interacting with them in a useful way.

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