Cats in the IoT

The Project

A two day exercise conducted as part of early research and ideation in the Internet of Things for Intel.

I paired with my development partner, Darryll DeCoster. He set to work thinking about how to alert the cat when it climbed on forbidden furniture, and I worked on a flow and designs for the human user's controller in a mobile UI:


We arrived at a 3 step process: setup, record, track.

The human user configures their floor plan in the app, using handles to mark out the rooms, and moveable icons of furniture to fill them. The feline user wears a collar with a sensor. 

The human user indicates the furniture that they prefer the cat not to destroy in the app. The next time the cat jumps on one of the indicated items, a previously recorded admonishment from the human plays, startling the cat and causing it to spend the rest of its little day plotting its revenge.